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Marvin Perry

Marvin Perry was born on November 10th 1977 in Trinidad West Indies. As an inquisitive kid, Marvin was intrigued by martial arts. Marvin was 13 yrs old when he got involved in Karate. After training in Karate for 2 years, he immigrated to America where he trained in Kung Fu for 2 years before being introduced to San Shou (Chinese Kickboxing) by Al Loriaux.

Although Marvin excelled in Karate and Kung Fu he always felt like there was something missing until he discovered San Shou. In theory the principles of Karate, Kung Fu and San Shou are similar, but an actual fight is much different. That's where San Shou is distinguished from Karate and Kung Fu, it was the fluidity and technical precision in the punches, kicks and throws.

After training in San Shou for 6 months Marvin started competing as an amateur. Marvin continued to competed as an amateur for 4 years. After winning several National titles as an amateur fighter, Marvin successfully made the transition to a professional fighter in 2000. Since fighting professionally, Marvin has competed in, and won titles in, San Shou, Sanda, Muay Thai and Full Contact Kickboxing. Marvin has set his sights on winning many more titles and looks forward to fighting more tough opponents in the future.